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Joseph Fashion show at Baron Hirsch

Baron Hirsch Sisterhood is making plans to showcase the latest fashions from Joseph at a luncheon on Wednesday, May 21st at 12:00 noon.

“Today’s Joseph stores in Memphis and Houston are among the top four or five retail operations in the US., outside of the Neiman Marcus group and Saks, in sales of designer shoes and handbags, as well as jewelry, apparel and cosmetics,” according to the Joseph story.

Joseph provides a “friendly atmosphere and personal service which customers enjoy” and Baron Hirsch sisterhood is thrilled to set the stage for a taste of what this fine store in Memphis has to offer.

Women from the community will be models at the Fashion show, wearing designer outfits, shoes, purses and jewelry!  Make - up will also be professionally done by expert artists from Joseph.

The entire community is invited to attend the event.  Last year over 120 women joined the Sisterhood from all congregations for the luncheon and fashion show!

As a special feature, volunteers from the Kol Rena So-Shuls group will be honored.  They are Elaine Miner, Barbara Blockman, Shirley Manis, Nora Rothschild, Ellen Schneider, Dessie Sewell, Rose Silverman and Emily Steinberg.  Kol Rena So-Shuls was started in 1987 by the late Elaine Udelsohn and the late Fannie Bredow, and rededicated in memory of Rena Loskovitz, by the Loskovitz family. 

For reservations for the May 21st Baron Hirsch Sisterhood Fashion show and luncheon, please call 683-SHUL.

Baron Hirsch to Host Annual Chol HaMoed Youth Day

Baron Hirsch Congregation has announced it will host its annual Chol HaMoed Youth Day on Tuesday, April 17th, from 1:00PM-5:00PM.  The event will be held at the Putt Putt Golf and Games and the cost per person is just $13.00. The price includes admission Putt Putt golf, go-karts, batting range, bumper boats, $5 in game tokens, kiddie games and Passover snacks.  For an additional $6, you can enjoy your choice of Laser Tag or Sky Trail Ropes Course. Adult supervision is requested for children under the age of ten. 

Baron Hirsch’s Chol HaMoed Youth Day is held twice a year, during the intermediate days of Sukkot and Pesach.  This is a fun and exciting day for parents and children.  Over a hundred community members regularly attend these bi-annual events.  Out of town guests are also invited to attend.

Putt Putt Golf and Games is located at 5484 Summer Ave., Memphis.  For more information please call the Baron Hirsch office at 683-7485. 

Baron Hirsch to Host Memorable Minyan

Synagogues don’t have the option to close for a day or two. They’re always open, welcoming members and guests alike on a non-stop basis. That’s three minyanim a day, 365 days a year in all kinds of weather. But Sunday morning, April 6 will be just a little bit different at Baron Hirsch.

On that day, Baron Hirsch will hold its second annual 100-man minyan where men, women and children are encouraged to attend morning services and a delicious breakfast.  When the program was initiated last year, some folks doubted they could hit their goal. They did that, though, and much more. In fact over 100 men, children and women woke up to near freezing temperatures last February for shacharit services, a short Torah teach-in by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein and a delicious breakfast sponsored by the synagogue’s men’s club.

Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, senior rabbi at Baron Hirsch, stated, “This is always an amazing moment – seeing so many people coming together to daven, to learn and to be with friends.  This is one of those moments as a Rabbi that you feel proud, knowing that the flame of commitment, dedication and desire to grow is well imbued with the congregation.”

The minyan will begin at 8:00AM in the Margolin Bet Midrash, followed by a brief lesson taught by Rabbi Finkelstein, and then breakfast in the Marsi Moss Social Hall at about 8:45PM.  Volunteers will be on hand to help those who may not remember how to put on Tefillin, or in some cases, may never have worn them before at all. 

The breakfast will feature hot entrées made by members of the Baron Hirsch Men’s Club and Sisterhood, and will feature real New York bagels.  Everyone in the community is invited to attend.  There is no cost for the breakfast, and reservations are requested so that volunteers may properly prepare. 

For information or to make reservations, please contact the shul office at 683-7485.

Purim 5774


Baron Hirsch Plans Annual Sukkot Celebrations

As Sukkot approaches, Baron Hirsch is making plans to celebrate the holiday with a variety of exciting activities for children, teens and adults.

The annual Sukkah Hop and Treasure Hunt will take place on Shabbat, September 21st. This event is open to any children in the community and is free of charge. The Treasure Hunt will begin at 4:30PM in the Baron Hirsch Sukkah, while the Sukkah Hop will begin at 4:45PM in the Baron Hirsch Sukkah.

The Sukkah Hop is designed for children from ages 3 – 8, along with their parents.  They will visit several area sukkahs, where they will enjoy snacks, songs, and stories.

For ages 9 – 13, the synagogue offers a very challenging Sukkah Treasure Hunt.  Participants divide up into four teams and must solve a variety of clues that take them from Sukkah to Sukkah throughout the neighborhood.  To solve the clues, the children must use math skills, know people in the neighborhood, and also have general knowledge of the holiday. Every member of the winning team receives a prize at the end.

The celebrating continues on Sunday, September 22nd from 5-7PM, as Baron Hirsch hosts its annual Family Sukkah Party. Everyone will enjoy delicious food, as well as fun entertainment. There is always something new at the Baron Hirsch Sukkah Party! The cost is $12 per person and children under 4 are free. Reservations are not required.

One of Baron Hirsch’s most popular semi-annual events is Chol HaMoed Youth Day at Family Fun Centers. The fun begins at 1:00PM on Monday, September 23rd.  The cost of is $13 per person.  All participants will receive unlimited putt-putt, bumper boats and kiddie rides.  They also receive a limited amount of game room tokens and go kart rides. 

For ladies, the Baron Hirsch Sisterhood is proud to announce its annual luncheon in the Sukkah on Tuesday, September 24th at Noon. This year attendees will enjoy a fabulous luncheon, including homemade chicken salad. The entertainment for this year’s event will be the one and only Joyce Cobb, considered one of Memphis’s great musical treasures. The cost for this year’s luncheon is $15 per person and reservations must be made in advance to the Baron Hirsch office.

For more information about any of Baron Hirsch’s Sukkot events or programs, contact the Baron Hirsch office at 683-7485 or email

Baron Hirsch Presents Annual Yom Kippur Teach-In

While Yom Kippur is a day of prayer, it is also a day of learning and growth, and a time to come closer to G-d.  It is in that spirit that Baron Hirsch Congregation presents its annual Yom Kippur Teach-In, two facinating classes that are held between the time following Musaf until the beginning of Mincha.

The Yom Kippur Teach-In is dedicated in memory of William Cohn, A”H, by his family. It will take place in the Belz Sanctuary at Baron Hirsch, beginning at approximately 3:30PM on Yom Kippur day, which is Saturday, September 14th. 

The first class will be given by Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi and head of the Baron Hirsch Educational Institute, who will present “Righteous People vs. Sinners Who Repent: Who is Better?”

Mordechai Harris, Baron Hirsch Teen Rabbi and Youth Director, will be teaching the second class entitled “Confronting Contrived Contrition: Do We Truly Regret Our Misdeeds?”

“The Teach-In class on Yom Kippur is wonderful way to continue our commitment to Torah learning on one of the holiest day of the year” says Rabbi Finkelstein. Baron Hirsch urges everyone in the community to come further your learning during Yom Kippur. For more information contact the Baron Hirsch office at 683-7485 or visit the shul’s website,

Rabbi Shai Finkelstein to deliver Shabbat Shuva Drasha

The Baron Hirsch Congregation Educational Institute announced this week that Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi of the congregation, will deliver his Shabbat Shuva Drasha on Shabbat, September 7th, at 5:30 p.m. in the Belz Sanctuary.  The title of the lecture will be ““The Centrality of the Synagogue to Jewish Life and Continuity in the 21st Century”.  This annual lecture is dedicated by a friend of Baron Hirsch in support of Jewish continuity.

Rabbi Finkelstein explains: “The class will explore the history of the synagogue as an institution from the time of the Talmud until now. We will analyze the challenges that every generation has faced relating to a synagogue as a place of communal and individual spiritual growth. In the 21st century the synagogue is once again facing a major junction. In a generation of customization and individualism, Facebook and Twitter, what is the role of a Beit Knesset - a house of prayer and learning?  How do we make the synagogue relevant and meaningful? These are some of the questions that we will explore and discuss in this class.”

The Shabbat Shuva Drasha is one of the major classes given by the Senior Rabbi each year.  It is meant to inspire and educate the congregation as the members approach Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the calendar.

Rabbi Finkelstein’s drasha is open to everyone, and sheets with all the sources that will be discussed are handed out to all who attend. Childcare will be available for children ages 2 to 6. For more information, please contact the Baron Hirsch office at 683-7485.

L’Chayim - High Holy Days 5774



In celebration of its 150th Anniversary milestone, Baron Hirsch Congregation invites the entire community—current members, past members, and anyone who has ever had an association with the shul—to join them at the last special Shabbatot, during which members will reminisce about the most recent era in the congregation’s history.  The program will take place during Shabbat morning services, which begin at 9:00AM, this Shabbat, August 17th.

This past April, Baron Hirsch honored its first era of history with the Fourth and Washington Shabbaton and in June the Vollintine and Evergreen era was honored. Both proved to be successful events and produced wonderful photo exhibits, which are still on display at the synagogue. Many members, as well as community members, have come to view the photographic history of Baron Hirsch.

This final Shabbat will celebrate the history and the building of Baron Hirsch’s most recent home in East Memphis. Baron Hirsch’s current synagogue on Winter Oak – Yates, was dedicated in August 1988; however the involvement of the synagogue in East Memphis began several years prior. The East Memphis exhibit is being chaired by Baron Hirsch Board Member, Ira Lipsey. “We know how successful the Fourth and Washington and the Vollintine exhibits have been, but we’re confident that this Shabbat and exhibit will showcase some of the best of our history in East Memphis” says Mr. Lipsey.

All members of the community are welcome to attend the special Shabbat and the exhibit. For more information contact the Baron Hirsch office at (901) 683-7485.

A New Learning Project in Celebration of Baron Hirsch’s 150th Anniversary

As Baron Hirsch continues their 150th Anniversary Celebration, there are many facets of how the shul will mark this milestone. “As it is known in the community, learning is a very important value that our shul holds dear. In that spirit, we are excited to introduce an additional learning opportunity for all of our membership, and all those who want to participate, to join together to mark this milestone” said Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi of Baron Hirsch.

The synagogue’s first collective learning project successfully involved nearly 200 of Baron Hirsch’s members studying various portions of the 150 chapters of Tehillim. Next, the synagogue will embark on the study of Chumash (Chumash comes from the Hebrew word Chamesh-the five books) and Rashi (Rabbi Shelomo Yitzchaki, 1040-1105, France), with a goal of committing at least 150 members to study some portions of the Chumash with Rashi commentary. Anyone can participate, regardless of background, experience in learning, or ability to read Hebrew.

David Cooper, 150th Anniversary Learning Opportunities co-chair says “An emphasis on learning has always been fundamentally central to our shul. That so many of our members are coming together to study Rashi and Chumash and learn more about Rashi and who he was is a testament to that tradition of learning in our shul and is a wonderful expression of a collective marking of our significant milestone.”

This learning campaign kicked off with a class on Rashi given by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein on July 20th. In that class Rabbi Finkelstein introduced Rashi’s life and important work. In addition, Rabbi Finkelstein will be releasing weekly YouTube videos to discuss selected Rashi explanations on the Chumash. 

“As a young child the first commentary that most children are exposed to is Rashi,” explains Irvin Skopp, Baron Hirsch President, “According to the Jewish Virtual Library - that commentary (Rashi) became so popular that there are now more than 200 commentaries on his commentary. It is assumed in traditional circles that when you read the Tanach (Bible), you also read Rashi. In fact when you learn the first verse in Chumash you instinctively think of the Rashi that explains why the Torah begins with Creation and not with the first mitzvah that was given to the Jewish people.”

For that reason it is appropriate for Baron Hirsch to focus on Rashi as one of the learning projects during its 150th celebration. This fits right in with going back to the shul’s beginning and looking forward to it’s future. 

Rabbi Finkelstein concluded, saying “By the culmination of Baron Hirsch’s 150th anniversary, the celebration will be enriched by the accomplishment of an enormous amount of learning. Everyone can grow by learning and participating. This will allow everyone to join together to pay tribute to Baron Hirsch’s important milestone through Torah study.”

Community members who would like to participate can contact the Baron Hirsch office at (901) 683-7485.

Baron Hirsch Hosts Shavuot Marathon

The Baron Hirsch Educational Institute has announced an ambitious schedule of classes and programs to fill both the night and days of Shavuot with Torah learning – the holiday which celebrates the receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai.

For this extraordinary effort, the congregation has assembled a staff of fourteen local stars who represent excellence in Torah throughout various congregations, schools and organizations in Memphis.  Over the two day holiday there will be opportunities for both men and women, adults and teens to engage in Torah study.

The most well-known learning on Shavuot is the “Tikkun Leil Shavuot” – the custom of staying awake the entire night engaged in the study of Torah in preparation for reenacting receiving the Torah in the morning. 

The adult program will begin at midnight on Tuesday evening, May 14th with a special Shavuot version of “Nightline” featuring presentations by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi of Baron Hirsch Congregation; Rabbi Joel Finkelstein, Spiritual Leader of Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth Congregation; and Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl, Dean of the Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South.  Each speaker will present on “Judaism in the 21st Century” dealing with three important topics that are the cornerstone of our future.  Rabbi Shai Finkelstein will discuss “Israel and the Diaspora”, Rabbi Joel Finkelstein will discuss “Torah Learning”, and Rabbi Perl will discuss “Raising Our Children”.  This will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Following the Nightline program, beginning at 1:30AM, there will be three more one hour lectures which will last for the remainder of the night.  The first lecture will be given by Rabbi Meir Maimon, Rosh Kollel of the Torah MiTzion Kollel of Memphis.  He will be followed by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein who will give a class entitled “Moshe vs. Rabbi Akiva: Two Different Approaches”.  Ending the Tikkun will be Avi Feiner, a local attorney and Torah scholar who gives many local classes.  Shacharit services will follow for those who participated beginning at 5:15AM.

At the same time, there will be a TIkkun for Teens with an impressive program.  High school students will begin their evening with “Teens Teaching Teens” where several local teens will give classes to the other teens.  This will be followed with an “Ask the Rabbi” session with Rabbi Shai Finkelstein and Rabbi Gil Perl.  This is a popular session, now in its third year, where teens get to ask whatever questions of Torah and Judaism are on their minds.  Later in the night, the teens will enjoy classes with Marc Lennon, City Director of NCSY, and Rabbi Mordechai Harris, Teen Rabbi/Outreach Director of Baron Hirsch.

A middle school program for 6th – 8th graders will also take place, and include classes with Rabbi Uriel Lubetski, Upper School Principal of the MHA/FYOS; Rabbi Harris; Rabbi Noam Stein, Student Activities Director at MHA/FYOS, and Marc Lennon.

For those who cannot stay up all night, Baron Hirsch has created numerous opportunities for daytime learning as well.  On Wednesday morning, May 15th, there will be two classes given following the 9:00AM main service.  At approximately Mrs. Nisa Harris will give a class for women as part of an ongoing initiative by Baron Hirsch to increase learning opportunities for women.  At the same time, Rabbi David Radinsky will give a class for men.  Rabbi Radinsky is a Baron Hirsch member, and is the Rabbi Emeritus of Brith Shalom Beth Israel Congregation in Charleson, South Carolina where he served for 34 years.

Another unique program will be afternoon classes which will be held on the afternoon of the second day of the holiday.  On Thursday, May 16th, at 7:00PM, participants may choose from one of three classes given by Mrs. Melissa Perl, Assistant Principal of MHA/FYOS; Dr. Mark Kaplowitz, Professor at the Bornblum Department of Jewish Studies at the University of Memphis; and Rabbi Yonasan Gersten, Mashgiach Ruchani and Teacher at the Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys.

“Torah Learning is an essential ingredient of who we are as a nation,” stated Rabbi Shai Finkelstein.  “We all have a part in the Torah and we all can contribute to the chain of generations that began thousands of years ago.  This Shavuot, like the one on Sinai, we will all stand together and demonstrate our commitment to togetherness and strengthening our Jewish values and identity.”

Every one of these classes is free of charge and open to the entire community.  For more information, and exact times and details, please visit, or call the office at 683-7485.

Baron Hirsch Honors Fourth & Washington Members as Part of 150th Anniversary Celebration

Photo Exhibit on Display at Baron Hirsch

Memphis, TN (4/18/2013)—In celebration of its 150th Anniversary milestone, Baron Hirsch Congregation invites the entire community—current members, past members, and anyone who has ever had an association with the Shul—to join them at three special Shabbatot during which members will reminisce about major eras in the congregation’s history.  The first occasion will occur the Shabbat of April 27, 2013 and include a special program, photo exhibit and a Congregational Kiddush in honor of members of the Fourth and Washington location. The program will take place during Shabbat morning services, which begin at 9:00AM.

Baron Hirsch was located at Fourth and Washington from 1892 until 1952.  Marvin Ballin, Evelyn and Jerome Makowsky, and Judy Peiser will share with the congregation their recollections of this special time in Baron Hirsch’s history during the April 27th event.  Members and their descendants have provided photos of the era which will be on display in an exhibit at this memorable Shabbat. 

“It has been extremely gratifying and heartfelt to see such a wide cross-section of the congregation come together to help bring our glorious past to life and honor those who have preceded us,” says Jan Groveman who has been instrumental in the planning of the special Shabbat programs.

The April 27th event is the first of three such occasions.  Future events include the Vollintine and Evergreen Era (1952-1987) to be held on June 8th, followed by the East Memphis Era/Shady Grove and Yates, Issac Hayes Estate and Winter Oak (1974-present) to be held on August 17th. 

Baron Hirsch to Host Dr. David Pelcovitz This Shabbat

Baron Hirsch Congregation, as part of its ongoing Scholar-in-Residence series, will host Dr. David Pelcovitz this Shabbat, April 13th.  Dr. Pelcovitz is a psychologist whose career over the past 25 years has focused on clinical practice and research efforts in areas related to trauma, child abuse and parenting.  He is a much sought after expert, and has visited Memphis on several prior occasions.  On one occasion, Dr. Pelcovitz came to Memphis to meet with families who were affected by Hurricane Katrina, and helped leaders in Memphis coordinate efforts to assist those families in adjusting to the changes they faced in their lives.

Dr. Pelcovitz will speak on three occasions over the Shabbat.  On Shabbat morning, he will speak during services at approximately 10:45AM on the topic of “The Shabbat Table: Instilling Spirituality in the Family”.  Services begin at 9:00AM.

On Shabbat afternoon, he will give a class at 5:45PM on “Communication in the Family: The Basic Building Block of Building Relationships”.  He will speak a third time at Seudah Shlishit beginning at 7:05PM.  His topic then will be “Helping Keep Your Marriage Strong”.  All lectures are free of charge and open to the community.

Dr. Pelcovitz is the Straus Professor of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University where he is also the Special Assistant to the President.  Serving for over two decades as Director of Psychology at North Shore University Hospital-NYU School of Medicine, and Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, at NYU School of Medicine, he has consulted extensively with the Jewish community in the United States, Europe and Israel on a wide range of issues facing children and adolescents.

Baron Hirsch’s Scholar-in-Residence program is made possible through a generous donation by Larisa and Ben Baer.  For more information on this program, please contact the synagogue office at 683-7485.

Baron Hirsch Hosts Memorable Minyan

Synagogues don’t have the option to close for a day or two. They’re always open, welcoming members and guests alike on a non-stop basis. That’s three minyanim a day, 365 days a year in all kinds of weather. But this morning it was just a little bit different.

Baron Hirsch Synagogue recently held its first 100-man minyan where men, women and children were encouraged to attend.  Some folks doubted they could hit their goal. They did that, though, and much more. In fact over 100 men, children and women woke up to near freezing temperatures to show up on Sunday morning, February 17 for shacharit services, a short Torah teach-in by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein and a delicious breakfast sponsored by the synagogue’s men’s club.

Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, senior rabbi at Baron Hirsch, stated, “This was an amazing moment – seeing so many people coming together to daven, to learn and to be with friends.  This is one of those moments as a Rabbi that you feel proud, knowing that the flame of commitment, dedication and desire to grow is well imbued with the congregation.”

With the launch of her 150th anniversary later this year and on the heels of last year’s successful community-wide Tanach B’Shnataim course, Baron Hirsch continues to draw from her past while also benefiting from a vital presence.

Community teachers and educators, along with many second-generational father-son congregational members and some newcomers filled the Margolin Bet Midrash to capacity.  Every Memphis congregation was represented; and even a few people in the crowd wore tefillin for the first time.

“The combination of prayer and fellowship under the dual leadership of Rabbi Shai and the men’s’ club made this a special way to enjoy a Sunday morning,” long-time member Howard Spector said.

Concurred Gary Makowsky who added that it was quite heartening to see the large number of father-sons in attendance and even a few multi-generational families that morning

Afterwards, co presidents Jake Lipsey and Mark Hayden expressed their appreciation to the countless number of synagogue members who made the event such a success.

Baron Hirsch to Host Special Programs on February 15-16

Baron Hirsch Congregation announced this week a special Scholar-in-Residence weekend featuring Rabbi Dr. Michael Berger, the chairman of the Department of Religion at Emory University.  Beginning the weekend, will be a special Friday night dinner, specially prepared by Dovid & Shoshana Cenker of Table 613, Memphis’ newest Kosher restaurant.

The dinner, which is open to anyone, starts at 6:45PM, and features an entrée of Roasted Chicken with Peach Schnapps Glaze.  There will also be special appetizers, soup and side dishes, as well as a special children’s menu.  The price of the dinner is $22 per adult, and $10 for children ages 3 – 12.  Reservations must be made by February 11th by contacting the synagogue office at 683-7485.

Following the dinner, Rabbi Berger will give his first presentation at approximately 8:15PM.  Entitled “Terror in the Mind of God – The Emergence of Religious Violence in the Last Quarter Century” the presentation is open to anyone.  The last 25 years have witnessed an incredible increase in religious violence around the world, from the Branch Davidians in Waco to Al-Qaeda’s radical Islamic terrorism.  This talk examines the various explanations for this terrifying phenomenon, and assess what can reasonably be done to address this trend.
Rabbi Berger will also deliver the Shabbat morning drasha on the topic of “Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik’s message of modern orthodoxy-how does it apply to our times?” Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (the Rav) was the pre-eminent leader and spokesperson for Modern Orthodoxy in the 20th century.  From his arrival in Boston in 1933 and for the next 50 years, he helped oversee and nurture the development of a modern Orthodox ideology and norms during a time when many were writing American Orthodoxy’s epitaph.  Rabbi Berger will discuss what of the Rav’s understanding of Jewish life generally and the halakhic life specifically speaks to us today.  Services begin at 8:30AM, with the drasha at approximately 10:15AM.
On Shabbat afternoon, Rabbi Berger will discuss “Trends in American Religion and What They Mean for American Judaism” Early 21st century American Judaism is being studied extensively by scholars, journalists, and community planners, but what is often missed is placing this subject in the broader context of the larger religious scene in America.  In this talk, Rabbi Berger will look at several developments in American religion and society over the last fifty years, and discuss their impact on the various segments of American Judaism.  The afternoon class begins at 4:20PM.
Rabbi Dr. Berger received his PhD from Columbia University in Philosophy of Religion, and his ordination from Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel.  He is an Associate Professor of Jewish Law and Ethics in Emory University’s Department of Religion, where he also serves as chairman.  He has published articles in medieval and modern Jewish thought and law.  He published “Rabbinic Authority” in 1998, and edited several of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik’s manuscripts into “Emergence of Ethical Man” (2005).  He teaches adult education both locally and for the Wexner Heritage program around the country, and consults for the Avi Chai Foundation which supports Jewish day schools and camps in North America.

Baron Hirsch’s scholar-in-residence program is made possible through a generous donation by Larisa and Ben Baer.

Irvin Skopp Re-Elected President of Baron Hirsch

Baron Hirsch Congregation held its annual general membership meeting and elections on January 20, 2013.  The meeting, which was held in the Marsi Moss Social Hall of the congregation, began with a gala brunch.

Re-elected for a one year term as president of the congregation was Irvin Skopp.  Mr. Skopp serves as Vice President and Director of Asset Management for Belz Enterprises.  He has been active in Baron Hirsch, either as a board member or committee chair, almost continually since 1973.  He has also served as a lay leader in many other community organizations, including a past president of the Margolin Hebrew Academy, past vice president of the Memphis Jewish Federation, founding member and first president of the Eruv of Memphis, past board member of the Jewish Children’s Regional Service and past board member of Jewish Family Service.

Irvin is married to Elaine W. Skopp, and is the son of Florence Skopp and the late Rabbi Cantor David Skopp.  Rabbi Skopp served Baron Hirsch for over fifty years as Cantor and Assistant Rabbi.

In addition to Mr. Skopp presiding over the meeting, Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi of the congregation, presented the major annual awards.  In his opening remarks, Rabbi Finkelstein spoke about the mission of the congregation and the great effect that Baron Hirsch has on the lives of those throughout the community. 

Congregant Jake Lipsey was presented with the Louis Turetsky Memorial Chesed Award.  Mr. Lipsey volunteers for many activities in the congregation, as well as for many causes in the community.  He is best known for leading a team of volunteers in the kitchen, who help prepare so many of the activities at Baron Hirsch.  In accepting the award, Mr. Lipsey expressed his feelings about the importance of service, and the example set for him by his family.  He talked about his connection to the kitchen, and the central place that the kitchen plays in so many congregational events.

Dr. Stephen Wachtel was the recipient of the Sam Abraham Memorial Award as the 2012 Member of the Year.  For many years, Dr. Wachtel has inspired the congregation with his beautiful and expert blowing of the shofar every Rosh Hashanah.  In addition, he often assists in reading the Torah, leading services, or simply in being an integral part of the daily minyan. In accepting the award, Dr. Wachtel drew from his experiences in the air force in describing how unexpected and appreciated this honor is to him.  Mr. Sam Abraham, grandson of the late Sam Abraham, who was president of the congregation for eight years during the 1930’s, presented the award which carries his grandfather’s name.

Morris Goldstein, representing Goldstein & Associates P.C., gave the financial report to the membership.  Bernard Lipsey, representing the nominating committee, presented the slate of officers and trustees for the approval of the membership.

In addition to the election of Irvin Skopp as president, elections we held for all other officers as well.  Others elected to positions as officers were: Pace Cooper - 1st Vice President; Morris Thomas - 2nd Vice President; Harold Wormser – Vice president; Dr. Ellis Tavin - Vice President; Sarah Thomas - Treasurer; David Mendelson - Secretary; David Cooper – Gabbai Rishon; Elliot Wender - Gabbai Shaynee; Louis Safier – Assistant Gabbai, Naftali Klein – Assistant Gabbai and Gerald Ballin – Warden. 

Elected to the Board of Trustees for two-year terms were: Ben Baer, Lee Baum, Adam Groveman, Ira Lipsey, Ellis Reef, Herschel Rosenberg, Marc Silberberg, Brad Somer, Mary Trotz and Penina Wender.

In his remarks on the state of the congregation, Mr. Skopp reported on many of the congregation’s successes over the last year.  He recognized the clergy and staff for their tremendous leadership, and thanked the members of the board and the many volunteers.  He concluded by speaking about plans for this year’s 150th anniversary celebration, and urged everyone to be a part of all the festivities.

Audio Classes


Rabbi Shai Finkelstein


A native of Israel, Rabbi Finkelstein was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and received certification by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, the eminent former Chief Rabbi of Israel.  He more recently received a higher ordination by the Association of Rabbinic Judges in Jerusalem, which certifies him to serve as a judge in an Israeli Monetary Court of Law.  Rabbi Finkelstein has been in Memphis since 2000 and has served as the Rosh Kollel of the Kollel Torah MiTzion housed at the Margolin Hebrew Academy /Feinstone Yeshiva of the South.  He has also served as the Adult Jewish Education Director at the MHA/HYOS.

Since 2004, Rabbi Finkelstein has also been a lecturer at the Bornblum Judaic Studies Program at the University of Memphis.  He teaches, as well, at the Florence Melton Adult Mini School at the Memphis Jewish Community Center (MJCC).  In addition to serving as Senior Rabbi of Baron Hirsch, Rabbi Finkelstein is a member of the Vaad Ha’Kashrut and Vaad Hachinuch.  He serves on the board of the Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South, Memphis Jewish Federation and the United Way of the Mid-South.

Rabbi Finkelstein and his wife, Bilha, have four children, Noga, Edya, David and Hadas.


Ricky Kampf
Cantor Ricky Kampf has been associated with Baron Hirsch since 1989.  In his first years, he served the congregation as the assistant Shalich Tzibur and Executive Director.  He received his cantorial degree from the Belz School of Jewish Music, and currently serves as the congregation’s Cantor.

Cantor Ricky’s melodious voice is a highlight of all of our Shabbat and holiday services.  His Kabbalat Shabbat service every Friday night fills the synagogue with excitement and energy, and his holiday work with both our Men’s and Boys’ Choirs make the High Holy Days very meaningful.  He also is a master Bar Mitzvah teacher, who has taught torah reading and davening to countless boys throughout the city.


Pace Cooper


David Fleischhacker


David Fleischhacker was appointed to the position of Executive Director in August 2003.  He received his M.B.A from Baruch College in New York, and his B.S. from Yeshiva University. A native Memphian, Mr. Fleischhacker has many fond memories of Baron Hirsch, especially of the years he attended Camp Darom. Starting as a camper at a young age, he grew to serve the camp in many different capacities, including being its Director for several seasons.

Prior to his return to Memphis, Mr. Fleischhacker was a lay leader of Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills, one of the fastest growing young Orthodox shuls in the area. He served as an officer for eight years, and was President during the campaign and construction of the synagogue’s facilities.  Along with his wife, Chany, the Fleischhackers were honored twice by Congregation Etz Chaim. They were the Guests of Honor at the synagogue’s annual Journal Dinner in 1996, and were honored again with a special award at the Journal Dinner in June 2003.


Rabbi Mordechai Harris

Rabbi Harris was the Youth Rabbi/Rabbinic Intern at Hebrew Institute of White Plains. He has been active in NCSY for over a decade, and has served as a fellow at the Hillel of University of Albany in the Jewish Learning In Campus (JLIC) initiative.  Rabbi Harris recently received his Smicha from the YCT Rabbinical School.

Rabbi Harris is married to Nisa, a registered nurse, and they have a daughter, Pliyah. 


Rabbi Rafael G. Grossman
Rabbi Grossman served Baron Hirsch and the Memphis community for more than a quarter of a century.  He led the congregation through a difficult transition from its edifice on Vollintine in mid-town Memphis to the eventual construction of the present magnificent synagogue. The Rabbi established programs for people of all ages which included the South’s only sleep-away camp under Orthodox auspices, Camp Darom; the Southern Traditional singles, with its national weekend celebration; the adult education program which offers more than twenty classes per week, most taught by the Rabbi and highlighted with varied lectures featuring foremost lecturers and scholars in World Jewry. In 1998, the Rabbi established the annual Conference on Medical Ethics. Rabbi’s weekly lectures on Israel cover numerous religious subjects thereby establishing Baron Hirsch as the synagogue with one of the most extensive programs of Torah learning in the South. Rabbi Grossman’s leadership for the sale of Israel Bonds has afforded Baron Hirsch the distinct honor of selling more bonds per capita than any other congregation in the United States. His last pilgrimage to Israel raised the number of those joining him throughout the years to more than eight hundred.

Rabbi Grossman was the first Rabbi outside the New York area to be elected President of the Rabbinical Council of America. He now serves as Honorary President and chairman of the Rabbinical Council International. He is the author of Binah: The Modern Quest for Torah Understanding, a six-part series with Volumes II and III soon to appear. His scholarly papers have appeared in numerous journals and volumes, and his weekly column, “Thinking Aloud,” in the JEWISH PRESS and on numerous websites is now read by approximately 500,000 people, making him today’s most read Jewish columnist in the world. In December 1998, Rabbi Grossman was elected Chairman of the board for the Religious Zionist of America.


Baron Hirsch is a modern Orthodox Zionist congregation that seeks to engage its membership in experiencing all aspects of Jewish life with a strong commitment to Am Yisroel, Eretz Yisroel and Torat Yisroel.

We invite you to experience our Jewish southern hospitality here in Memphis, Tennessee. We pride ourselves in hospitality so warm and friendly you will come back again and again. Our Jewish values will make you feel right at home. Please browse our site.


The first burial at the Baron Hirsch Cemetery dates back to 1847.  For nearly 160 years, the cemetery has been an integral part of orthodox life in the Memphis Jewish community.  Over te past 100 years the cemetery has expanded to over ten acres of property owned by Baron Hirsch.  Currently the cemetery is using five acres of land which respectfully represents over 3,400 burials.  There is approximately enough land in the cemetery to contain an additional 1,400 grave sites without any additional expansion based on the current configuration of the grounds. 

If you walk throughout the Baron Hirsch Cemetery you will get a Jewish history lesson unlike any other.  You will see the names of people who were absolute pillars in making sure that Memphis was a well developed and strong Jewish community.  Through the many rows of graves which represent thousands of our ancestors, immediate family and friends, these sacred grounds tell a story in Jewish history.  From the Yellow Fever epidemic, World Wars I & II and the Holocaust, much Jewish blood and tears have been experienced by members of Baron Hirsch at our cemetery.  Over the years it has been with great pride, dignity and financial support from everyone that the Baron Hirch Cemetery has been able to share its history and love with all its members and friends who visit the cemetery. 

Map to Baron Hirsch Cemetery

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Cemetery Plot Listing

Please click below to find an alphabetic listing of those interred in the Baron Hirsch Cemetery


Cemetery Map

Click below to open a diagram of the Baron Hirsch Cemetery


Chesed Committee
When it learns of individuals who have a special need, this committee is ready to perform the mitzvah of Chesed.  Some of our current projects include delivering holiday food boxes to needy families, visiting patients in hospitals, bringing a Shabbat package to hospital patients, supporting families sitting Shiva, and delivering welcome gifts to new members of the community.

Kiddush Corps
The Kiddush Corps serves the shul in many rewarding ways. It facilitates members working together and creates new relationships, as it helps the shul prepare its Shabbat Kiddush and other events.  Members of the Kiddush Corps rotate their service and are assigned to a team which volunteers once every 6-8 weeks.  Individual workers as well as team leaders are needed.

Sisterhood and Men’s Club
These groups are designed to give the women and men of Baron Hirsch the opportunity to work together on projects which will benefit the shul and reach out to the community.  Some events are purely social, while others are done to benefit the congregation or others in the community.

Kol-Rena So-Shuls
Baron Hirsch’s senior program centers around the Kol Rena So-Shuls.  This group participates in get-togethers which meet once a month and include lunch and entertainment.  This program is open to all seniors in the community, and the price for participation is only $3.  Transportation is provided upon request.

Belz-Parker Artists Ascending Concert Series
For more than 40 years, the Artists Ascending Concert Series has brought some of the world’s most promising young classical musicians from around the world to Memphis to showcase their blossoming talents. Notable performers have included violinist Itzhak Perlman, conductor Daniel Barenboim, pianist Misha Dichter and violinist Gil Shaham - all of whom have gone on to achieve worldwide acclaim.  Concerts take place in the Belz Sanctuary, and are free of charge to the general community. 

Israel Action Committee
This committee works to cultivate a strong connection between members of the congregation and the people and the State of Israel through education, creating trips, and encouraging teens to participate in Orthodox Movement programs in Israel.  It produces a regular newsletter of current events, encourages members to buy products made in Israel, and organizes shul programs, such as our Yom HaAtzmaut celebration. 

Holocaust Remembrance
The congregation, under the leadership of Leonid Saharovici, presents the Zachor Award to a person who contributed most to remembering the Holocaust. Past recipients include Benjamin Meade, President of the World Holocaust Gathering; Ernest Michel, former Executive Vice President of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York; Professor Jan Karski, the Polish Diplomat whose book told of the Holocaust; Harvey Meyerhoff, founder of the United States Holocaust Museum; and Abraham Foxman, National Director of ADL.


Baron Hirsch is proud to operate the only orthodox sleep away camp in the entire south.  Our program combines all of the traditional fun camp activities with a powerful Jewish experience which focuses on a modern orthodox approach to Torah and an emphasis on Zionism and the State of Israel.  In 2008, we will be celebrating our 30th season, and there are a lot of new, exciting programs in store. 

For more information, visit


Baron Hirsch offers a complete schedule of classes throughout the week which cover a variety of topics in Jewish life, and are led by members of our educational staff.  In addition to our educational program, our congregation’s committees are active in many additional programming opportunities, from holiday programs, to Chesed projects, to social and cultural events.  At Baron Hirsch, there is truly an opportunity that will interest every individual.


Baron Hirsch is expanding its programming for children in grades 1-8, our fastest growing age group in our youth department. 

Shabbat Morning Program
Every Shabbat morning, we have several age appropriate groups for children.  There is both free play as well as group games available, as well as a special youth service.  On special weeks, our children are treated to a program by the Torah MiTzion Kollel.

Shabbat Afternoon Program
This year, look for expanding programs for children on Shabbat afternoons.  All programs will start after the holidays, so please check back for more information.

Holiday Workshops & Events
Look for our craft workshops before each major holiday.  There are also many great holiday events, like Sukkah Hop & Treasure Hunt, Chol HaMoed Youth Day, Purim Carnival and much more!  Look in our upcoming events section to see what is coming up!


Welcome to Memphis!
Come join our vibrant and affordable Modern Orthodox community, featuring 3 bedroom homes under $200,000; daily minyanim and shiurim; beautiful neighborhoods with convenient shopping; excellent Jewish education for pre-K through 12; full youth program including NCSY and Summer Camp; eruv; mikvahs, kosher shopping, butcher and bakery; JCC with a state of the art facility and Jewish Home.  The Memphis Jewish community is a solid, stable, and vibrant one.  Blessed with three sizable shuls and an Orthodox Day Jewish School, Memphis is a great place to raise a family.  Jews of Memphis are well placed to be able to provide job placement for those looking to establish themselves in this outstanding, “Jerusalem of the South.” Enjoy a more affordable and relaxed lifestyle.  Call the shul office at (901) 683-7485 for more community information.

Kroger - 799 Truse Parkway; (901) 765-4880
- Deli
- Bakery, Look for Vaad label
- Large grocery section

Kroger - 540 Mendenhall Road S; (901) 683-8841
- Deli
- Large grocery section

Ricki’s Cookie Corner 901-866-CHIP
- Challah
- Bakery
- Pizza (Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday evenings)
- Seattle’s Best Coffee

Nosh-a-Rye Deli (Memphis Jewish Home) 36 Bazeberry Road, Cordova; (901) 758-0036
- Lunch
- Catering menu


Shomer Shabbos Fellowship in Pediatric Imaging
Le Bonheur’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis TN,
Has 1-2 Shomer Shabbos Pediatric Fellowship positions beginning July 2012,

· Outstanding Orthopedic & Neuroscience Departments.
· Excellent Equipment
· Friendly Environment
· 1 month St. Jude Hospital Rotation
· Electives Available

Any questions please contact:
Harris L. Cohen MD
(901) 287-6938 - Work (asst. Cynthia Lavender-Owens)
(516)382-6191 - cell

Call the Eruv Hotline at (901) 761-ERUV (761-3788) for updates 30 minutes before Shabbat.  The Eruv encompasses a large area around Baron Hirsch.  Call for details.

Margolin Hebrew Academy/Feinstone Yeshiva of the South; 390 White Station Road; (901) 682-2409
Memphis Jewish Community Center; 6560 Poplar Avenue; (901) 761-0810
Memphis Jewish Federation; 6560 Poplar Avenue; (901) 767-7100
Jewish Family Service; 6050 Poplar Avenue; (901) 767-8511
Hillel - University of Memphis; 3581 Midland Avenue; (901) 452-2453
Memphis Jewish Home; 36 Bazeberry, Cordova; (901) 758-0036
Plough Towers; 6580 Poplar; (901) 767-1910

Memphis Chamber of Commerce
Memphis Zoo
Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art
Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Elvis Presley’s Graceland
Pink Palace Family of Museums
FedEx Forum
Memphis Redbirds
Memphis Grizzlies


Our teens are very important to us, and we at Baron Hirsch are committed to offering them a wide range of high quality program.  Our goal for the teen program is to give them a unique Jewish experience that they cannot get anywhere else, and to create fun and appropriate social activities.

Shabbat Teen Minyan
During the school year, our teens conduct their own Shabbat morning minyan at 9:00AM in the Bet Midrash.  This unique program allows the teens to master a number of skills - from reading the Torah, to leading the davening, to giving a Dvar Torah.  On two weeks during the course of the year, the teens lead the entire service in the Main Sanctuary for the adults.  A special Kiddush always follows the teen minyan in the lounge.

Shabbat Afternoon
Every afternoon, about 45 minutes before Mincha, the teens gather for a Torah study class.  Following the class, they have their own Mincha minyan, followed by a teen Seudah Shilisheet.

Shoah and Tekuma
This is a special program of classes which focuses on the history of the Holocaust and the founding of the State of Israel.  While mainly for 10th and 11th grades, all high school students are welcome to attend.  Those who attend most of the classes become eligible to participate in Baron Hirsch’s own unique teen mission to Israel.  This is a highly subsidized trip which gives teens a unique perspective on our homeland and its people.

Teen Lounge
Our newly refurbished youth lounge will be used for many great activities this year, such as Israeli movies, Onegs, holiday events and drop in days.  Every teen will be comfortable in this new space, and will be impressed by the room itself.

Baron Hirsch maintains a Senior NCSY chapter.  In addition to running social activities, we attend several Shabbatonim each year.


Baron Hirsch offers well supervised and fun playrooms for its youngest members.  Every Shabbat and holiday morning, we have two rooms filled with children ages 1-5 who enjoy a special program while their parents are in services.

Our groups are well supervised and children have many toys to play with.  We have also just completed a refurbishment of a playground which is designed and used exclusively for this age group.

Our staff also conducts a special toddler service so that the children learn at an early age about Tefila, and grow up to enjoy the experience.


Baron Hirsch strives to keep in touch with its young adults who are currently at institutions of higher learning throughout the country and in Israel.  Here is a summary of some of our major initiatives that are in place.

College Send-Off Party
At the end of each summer, we host a party with departing college students, their families and our clergy.  It is an excellent way for students to depart without forgetting their connection to Baron Hirsch.

Student Packages
Throughout the year, our college outreach committee sends packages to students away from home.  These packages might include a menorah and candles for Chanukah, a Search for Chametz set for Pesach, or treats to enjoy on Purim or during finals.

College Newsletter
We publish a monthly newsletter for our students, which includes letters from Rabbi Finkelstein, as well as articles written by different students.

Do we have your contact information?  If you are a Baron Hirsch college student, make sure we know how to keep in touch with you.  Send your address and email to


Baron Hirsch hosts a youth department of over 300 young people.  Our youth are our future, and we go to great lengths to program activities for all ages.

Please click on one of our Youth Department Divisions for more information.


Candle Lighting Times
Jul 25 - 7:51PM
Aug 1 - 7:45PM

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat
Jul 25 - 6:45PM/7:55PM
Aug 1 - 6:45PM/7:50PM

Jul 26 - 9:00AM
Aug 2 - 9:00AM

Shabbat Afternoon Mincha
Jul 26 - 7:40PM
Aug 2 - 7:30PM

Shabbat Ends
Jul 26 - 8:50PM
Aug 2 - 8:37PM


Sunday/Legal Holidays: 8:00AM
Monday, Thursday, Rosh Chodesh: 6:20 & 6:45AM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays: 6:30 & 7:00AM

Week of July 27 - 7:50PM
Week of Aug 3 - 7:40PM



I.E. Hanover Lecture Series on World Events - 9:00AM
Taught by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein


Call Torah, Video class, YouTube, Rabbi Shai Finkelstein
Watch Rabbi Shai Finkelstein deliver a short class about the Parsha of the Week. Visit the Baron Hirsch YouTube channel to watch.

Tuesdays with the Cantor: Navigating the Siddur, 30 minutes before Mincha, Led by Cantor Ricky Kampf.
Margolin Beit Midrash. In this new, weekly class, Cantor Kampf will help you navigate through the daily prayers, as well as Shabbat and holiday prayers.


Parsha Class for Women - 10:30AM
Taught by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein/Rabbi Mordechai Harris

Lunch & Learn - Noon
Taught by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein/Rabbi Mordechai Harris

Major Events in Jewish History - 7:00PM
Taught by Rabbi David Radinsky

Weekly Parsha Class - 8:15AM
Taught by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein

Shabbat Afternoon Class - 45 minutes before Mincha
Taught by Rabbi Shai Finkelstein

Daily Learning Opportunities
Daily Halacha, Sun-Thu after Mincha. Led by Rabbi Finkelstein or Rabbi Harris, Margolin Beit Midrash

How to Find Us

Baron Hirsch is at 400 S. Yates Road in Memphis, Tennessee.  We are located one mile north of the intersection of Poplar & Yates Road.

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About Us

The Baron Hirsch Synagogue, founded more than one hundred forty years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, is a flagship of American Orthodox Judaism. From humble beginnings, with services held at private homes and on the second floor of a modest hotel, Baron Hirsch moved into its first edifice on Washington and Fourth in downtown Memphis in 1912. The congregation continued to grow and in 1950 built North America’s largest synagogue on Vollintine and Evergreen and emerged as the largest Orthodox congregation in the United States.

The new synagogue witnessed a doubling of membership, and its family members exceeded one thousand. Neighborhood transitions and American mobility necessitated finding an additional location in which the membership could be served as ever-growing numbers were moving to beautiful East Memphis. A satellite synagogue was established as Baron Hirsch acquired the Isaac Hayes estate and converted the mansion for its use. By the mid-1980’s it became clear that almost all Baron Hirsch members were in this area. The congregation accepted the challenge, and in 1988 dedicated a new and magnificent synagogue and campus contiguous to the property it already owned.

Today, Baron Hirsch continues to flourish as its members enjoy a vast array of services and activities. Meeting the challenges offered by contemporary need, Baron Hirsch has rightfully earned a world-wide reputation as a flagship synagogue. This large but very warm body of people represent a vast array of Jews in the broad spectrum of American Jewry. Baron Hirsch serves individual needs and demonstrates sincere concern for all of its members. The congregation has never been overwhelmed by its size. This open and welcoming institution has successfully proven that diverse ages and views can simultaneously experience profound spirituality, Torah learning and sheer delight within a singular synagogue home.

Services at Baron Hirsch resonate with song and inspiration, with the sounds of children’s laughter and the smiles of senior members. Varied programs attest to an ongoing dynamism.

Office Hours

Our office is open 8:00AM - 5:00PM on Monday - Thursday; 8:00AM - 3:00PM on Friday and Holiday Eves, and 9:00AM - Noon on Sunday. 

Contact Us

You can reach any of our staff by calling (901) 683-7485 during office hours.  Our staff is also accessible via email:

Shai Finkelstein, Senior Rabbi -

David Fleischhacker, Executive Director -

Gwen Moody, Administrative Assistant -

April Blankenship, Assistant to the Senior Rabbi, Webmaster, General Information -


Aug 14 Adult Choir practice begins for the holidays.  The choir will meet every Tuesday evening at 7:00PM.  We would love to have new members!  Please speak to Cantor Ricky Kampf.

Aug 15 Kol Rena So-Shuls, Noon in the Marsi Moss Social Hall.  Cost is $3 per person and reservations can be made by contacting the office.  Luncheon menu will be fish sandwich, fries, slaw & fresh fruit shortcake.

Aug 16 - Boys Choir practice begins.  Our popular Boys Choir rehearsals start this Thursday from 6-7PM!  Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7PM.  The Boys Choir performances are one of the highlights of the High Holy Days.  Speak to Cantor Ricky Kampf or Robert Malkin for details.

Aug 19 College Send Off Party, new and returning college students are invited to join us for s send off party on Sunday evening at Ben & Jerrys at 7:00PM.  Enjoy ice cream & live music in the courtyard.  There is no cost to attend and reservations are not required.

Sep 1 Our poplar Synaplex Program Returns! Join us for our first synaplex of the new season.  Our topic will be Wake Up Call and is a great way to begin preparing for the holidays.  Following services, we will have a joint session with three dynamic speakers each addressing the topic for 15 minutes.  Our speakers for this new and exciting Synaplex will be our own Senior Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl of the Margolin Hebrew Academy and Rabbi Avi Kannai of the Torah MiTzion Kollel.