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Building Our Future Together


Baron Hirsch is a dynamic and diverse cornerstone of Modern Orthodoxy that takes great pride in being a center of Jewish life in Memphis. We are a family of families that welcomes and embraces everyone, wherever they are on their religious journey. We believe passionately in the power of conveying our rich tradition from generation to generation.


Over 150 years ago, a group of families from Memphis’s growing Jewish population generously committed time and resources to building Baron Hirsch Congregation. Our founders displayed vision—not only for themselves, but for us, the generations that followed.


Over 30 years ago, Baron Hirsch relocated from Midtown to its current home in East Memphis in response to the city’s changing demographics. Today, Baron Hirsch is a vibrant, caring, and open community comprising hundreds of member families. Our building is constantly abuzz with services, classes, and diverse programming. We celebrate simchas together and support each other in times of need. Today’s Baron Hirsch would make our founders incredibly proud. We are an anchor for the Jewish community: a center for Jewish learning, a home for worship and spirituality, and a model of tikkun olam and support for Israel. We are shaping Jewish minds and inspiring future generations of Jewish leaders.


Our vision is for Baron Hirsch to be at the epicenter of the Jewish experience, with expanded programming and quality educational, social, and volunteer opportunities for everyone. Our dream is for all members to feel they belong here. And our hope is to continue to have the financial means to accomplish our goals.


To realize our vision, our dream, and our hope, we must be prepared for future challenges. We are blessed that our congregation is currently fiscally sound. We operate with a balanced budget and are able to fund our excellent programs and services. Looking ahead, we foresee an aging population and changing affiliation patterns. We want to maintain our core programs and have the resources to develop innovative ways to attract and engage members. We must upgrade our facilities to meet current and future needs and address developments in technology and security.


Our synagogue building is showing its age—especially the roof, which is in urgent need of replacement. Additional renovations are required for the comfort and safety of our members, including:

  • Redesigning and expanding our Beit Midrash so the men’s and women’s sections are side-by-side, allowing for greater engagement by all;

  • Modern office space for our congregation’s valued professionals;

  • Positioning the offices opposite the building entrance to increase security and be more welcoming to visitors;

  • A state-of-the-art mikveh with a private entrance;

  • Bolstered security features to ensure the safety of our campus;

  • Renovating our educational wing to accommodate our growing youth department’s inspiring programming for children and teens; and

  • New and accessible restroom facilities, featuring modern fixtures and amenities.


Addressing the financial challenges of the future requires developing new revenue streams today. We can ensure a sound fiscal future for Baron Hirsch by growing our endowment. When fully funded, our endowment will allow us to:

  • Ensure that full participation in synagogue life remains accessible to all;

  • Continue to attract and retain the most qualified and visionary clergy and professionals;

  • Establish, sustain, and increase programming, initiatives, and educational opportunities for all ages and levels of observance; and

  • Overcome fluctuations in membership and the economy.


As our founders and leaders have done at critical times in our congregation’s history, we must now think of those who will come after us and work together to secure Baron Hirsch’s future. One individual or family cannot meet this challenge alone; we must act together to reaffirm the courage and vision of those who came before us.


We ask you to join your fellow congregants who have made generous commitments to the Atid: Building our Future Together capital and endowment campaign. Look in your heart, consider what Baron Hirsch means to you and your family, and be as giving as you can. Make an investment in our shared future; make an investment in your Baron Hirsch.

ATID Newsletter Volume 1
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