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Class schedules sometimes vary depending on the time of the year and other events. Always check with the office by calling (901) 683-7485 before attending a new class. 

Baron Hirsch offers a complete schedule of classes throughout the week which cover a variety of topics in Jewish life, and are led by members of our educational staff.  In addition to our educational program, our congregation’s committees are active in many additional programming opportunities, from holiday programs, to Chesed projects, to social and cultural events.  At Baron Hirsch, there is truly an opportunity that will interest every individual.

Community Learning Night, 7:00PM in the Margolin Beit Midrash
Led by Kollel Torah MiTzion




Ladies Parsha Class, 10:30AM in the Hanover Library
Led by Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield
The weekly parsha is always an exciting text. For thousands of years, Jews have learned the parsha and always found relevant messages to their life. In this interactive class, participants will learn about the parsha in depth. This is a great way to be ready for Shabbat. 
Lunch & Learn, Noon, in the Hanover Library
Led by Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield
Enjoy a delicious lunch along with a class on the weekly parsha. This is a class where discussion is encouraged and participants reach a conclusion together. 
Jewish History, 7:00PM, in the Margolin Beit Midrash 
Led by Rabbi David Radinsky 
This class covers topics throughout Jewish history with units which can focus as far back as the temple periods all the way up to American Jewish communities.
Weekly Parsha, 8:45AM
Led by Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield
Shabbat Afternoon Class, 30 minutes before Mincha in the Margolin Beit Midrash 
Led by Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield
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