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The Great Big Sandwich Make

Pandemic Edition

We can't join together this year, but the need still exists! Help the hungry in Memphis by making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches at home.

Check out our progress as we approach our 5,000 sandwich goal!

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Sign Up Here for Supplies:

Fill in this form if you would like to pick up supplies from Baron Hirsch to make sandwiches. You can also use this form to log how many loaves of sandwiches you have made. 

Would you like to pick up supplies from Baron Hirsch?


Submission successful. Thank you for making a difference!

If yes, select a pickup date:

When making sandwiches at home:


1. Please wear gloves and mask.

2. How much product do I need?

  • One extra long loaf or 2 regular loaves to make 15 – 20 sandwiches

  • 16 oz of peanut butter and 8 oz of jelly

  • Zip lock bags

3. When opening a loaf of bread – do not throw out the bag or the tie!

4. Seal each sandwich in a zip lock bag and place it back into the bread bag

5. Once the bread bag has been refilled with completed sandwiches, tie it back up.

6. If there will be a delay before you return the sandwiches to the shul, please freeze them.


You may purchase your own supplies, or you may order them from the shul.  To order sandwich supplies, enter your information above.


Supplies may be picked up at Baron Hirsch on the following days & times:

       Friday, February 5, 9AM – 2PM

       Sunday, February 7, 9AM – Noon

       Monday – Thursday, February 8 – 11, 9AM – 3PM


Your donations help us purchase more supplies!

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