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Mendelson Park & Playground

Re-Opening and Covid Policies


The Mendelson Playground will reopen with limited hours beginning Shabbat, March 20.  Users assume all risk, and adults are required to supervise all children in their party and to make them adhere to all rules.


Who May Use the Park

  • No more than 20 people may be in the park at a given time.  This includes all adults & children.

  • All children must be accompanied by a parent or adult family member at all times. 

  • Anyone up to the 20 person limit may enter, provided that within the preceding two weeks they have not had COVID-19, have not had symptoms, and have not had direct contact with someone with COVID-19.



  • The park will be self – supervised, meaning it is the responsibility of the parents using the park to make sure that everyone in their party is adhering to all rules.


  • Baron Hirsch staff may do spot checks.  If Baron Hirsch staff notice or are informed that the rules are not being followed, the park may be closed. 


  • Baron Hirsch staff will disinfect equipment.


General Usage Policies

  • Masks covering the mouth and nose must be worn by all children and adults at all times.


  • Food and drink are not permitted.  Tables will be set in the Sukkah for families who want to have a snack or drink (no full meals please).  Those wishing to use these facilities are asked to sit one family per table, not move the tables, use this area only when eating, and clean the area when they area done.  Families are responsible for disinfecting their own tables and seating before eating if they so choose.


  • Do not enter the park if you see that there are already 20 people present or if your presence will put the total number in the park over 20 people.


  • Adults are asked to stay socially distanced from each other.  Distancing by different families is suggested.  Games and activities involving contact are discouraged.


Registration, Signup and Hours

  • Pre-registration for park usage may be requested at  Families are asked to register for Shabbat and holidays no later than noon on Friday.


  • A signup list will be posted near the gate on Erev Shabbat/Holidays.  If there are empty slots, drop ins will be permitted provided that the total capacity is not reached.  It is the user’s responsibility to count those present and review the signup to make sure the capacity is not exceeded.


  • The park will be open daily from 9AM – 6PM.  Anyone wishing to use the park may sign up for 90 minute shifts.


Questions?  Contact David Fleischhacker at or 901-683-7485

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