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                 Cemetery History

The first burial at the Baron Hirsch Cemetery dates back to 1847.  For nearly 160 years, the cemetery has been an integral part of orthodox life in the Memphis Jewish community.  Over the past 100 years the cemetery has expanded to over ten acres of property owned by Baron Hirsch.  Currently the cemetery is using five acres of land which respectfully represents over 3,400 burials.  There is approximately enough land in the cemetery to contain an additional 1,300 grave sites without any additional expansion based on the current configuration of the grounds. 

If you walk throughout the Baron Hirsch Cemetery you will get a Jewish history lesson unlike any other. You will see the names of people who were absolute pillars in making sure that Memphis was a well developed and strong Jewish community.  Through the many rows of graves which represent thousands of our ancestors, immediate family and friends, these sacred grounds tell a story in Jewish history.  From the Yellow Fever epidemic, World Wars I & II and the Holocaust, much Jewish blood and tears have been experienced by members of Baron Hirsch at our cemetery.  Over the years it has been with great pride, dignity and financial support from everyone that the Baron Hirch Cemetery has been able to share its history and love with all its members and friends who visit the cemetery.


Cemetery Plot Listing                                                                Cemetery Map

Baron Hirsch Cemetery

1499 Rozelle St
Memphis TN 38106 USA

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Baron Hirsch Congregation

400 South Yates Road
Memphis TN 38120 USA

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