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About Our Current Baron Hirsch Mikvah


For more than 30 years in East Memphis, Baron Hirsch has maintained a full service community mikvah. Under the halachic supervision of Senior Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield, the Mikvah is a warm and welcoming space for all members and guests . For use of the mikvah outside the parameters outlined below, please contact the Rabbi, his wife Orit Lehrfield, or our Yoetzet Halacha to confidentially discuss.

Women's Mikvah appointments are facilitated by a dedicated group of volunteers. Volunteer attendants are trained in halachot of tevila as well as in the importance of maintaining privacy and modesty. The volunteer balanit (attendant) is posted weekly on the Facebook group, serving Sunday to Saturday night week shifts. In extenuating circumstances, such as family relation to the attendant, a tovelet (with sufficient advance notice) may contact the lead balanit who will arrange an alternate. We extend a huge thank you to our volunteers for dedicating their time and efforts to allow our community to fulfill this mitzvah. 

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Making Appointments

  • To make an appointment, call or text the confidential and private mikvah line at 901-504-1063

  • Please leave a detailed message, including the night that you need an appointment. (Please note that these messages are kept confidential with the attendant of the week).

  • The attendant will return your call. Allow time for her to respond, as many of our volunteers are working, and may respond later in the day. 

  • Women’s Mikvah appointments are made after nightfall (Tzeis HaKochavim) and should be coordinated at least 48 hours in advance.

Payment of $18 for Mikvah use should be made at the time of appointment. Credit cards are accepted. All payments and transactions are in the private Mikvah account, only seen by the Chairwoman of the Mikvah committee.


Construction Updates and Plans

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Rabbinic Oversight - The Memphis Mikvah is built under the Rabbinic guidance of Rabbi Yitzchok Trieger and Rabbi Eliyahu Stern. Together with Rabbi Lehrfield, who serves as the local Rav HaMachshir, the Memphis Mikvah is operated and constructed to meet the strictest specifications of Jewish Law and Halachik standards.

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Rabbinic Oversight Committee
Rabbinic Oversight Committee

A Rabbinic Oversight Committee consisting of Rabbi Joel Finkelstein, Rabbi Jacob Greenblatt, Rabbi Levi Klein, Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield and Rabbi Akiva Males provide valuable insights and Halachik suggestions regarding the construction of the Mikvah.

Mikvah Exterior
Mikvah Exterior

The Mikvah facility is located in a private area at the rear of the synagogue building on the Baron Hirsch Campus. The western exterior of the Mikvah features beautiful rough cut stone as well as a canopy covered entrance that is recessed for added privacy and security. In addition, a screen wall and new landscaping on the south drive aisle will shield the Mikvah and provide an even greater level of privacy.

Mikvah Building
Mikvah Building

The Memphis Mikvah is a state of the art modern facility featuring beautiful contemporary decor and amenities, where all Jewish women can feel welcome.

The Waiting Area
The Waiting Area

Entering the Mikvah you will find a welcoming and spacious waiting area featuring seating and reading materials. A beautiful wood screen wall opposite a washing station creates additional privacy between the Mikvah attendant and users. Within the Mikvah are two comfortable preparation rooms featuring modern fixtures and amenities as well as a beautiful, well-maintained Mikvah.

Inside the Mikvah
Inside the Mikvah

The Mikvah features elegant tiling and lighting to create a spa-like ambiance. In addition, the Mikvah itself, as well as one of the preparation rooms, provides accommodation for the physically challenged. In order to meet the highest religious standards, the Mikvah features three ‘Boros’ (rain collection pits) including a Bor Al Gabei Bor (Chabad-style Bor) to ensure comfort and quality for all users.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan

More Information

  • To contact Yoetzet Halacha Atara Segal, please email She will respond via email or phone call. If urgent, please title email as such. 

  • Review our Covid-19 Protocols before making an appointment. Please note COVID-19 protocols are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

  • Please note that due to the pandemic, men mikvah hours are suspended until further notice. 

  • The Baron Hirsch Keilim Mikvah is available only with an appointment  Mon - Fri from 9AM – 3PM.  Please call the Baron Hirsch office at 901-683-7485 to make an appointment for the Keilim mikvah.

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Baron Hirsch Mikvah Committee 2020


Lindi VanderWalde,  Co-Chair

Emily Lennon,  Co-Chair

Rivki Wiener, Treasurer

Chany Fleischhacker,  Lead Balanit

Orit Lehrfield

Tova Cooper

Rashki Kaplan

Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Mikvah Update

Safety Regulations for Tevilat Keilim 

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mikvah is not open for usage by men.