Mikvah Information 


Baron Hirsch maintains a full service mikvah for use by its members and guests under the halachic supervision of Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield. For use of the mikvah outside the parameters outlined below, please contact the Rabbi, his wife Orit Lehrfield, or our Yoetzet Halacha to confidentially discuss.

Women’s Mikvah appointments are made after nightfall (Tzeis HaKochavim) and should be coordinated at least 48 hours in advance. To make an appointment, call or text the mikvah at 901-504-1063. Please leave a detailed message, including the night that you need an appointment, and the volunteer attendant for the week will return your call.

The balanit (attendant) schedule is emailed quarterly and posted weekly on the Facebook group. Volunteer attendants are trained in halachot of tevila as well as in the importance of maintaining privacy and modesty. In extenuating circumstances, such as family relation to the attendant, a tovelet (with sufficient advanced notice) may contact the lead balanit to arrange an alternate.

Payments for Mikvah use should be made at the time of appointment. Credit cards are accepted.


To contact Yoetzet Halacha Atara Segal, please email atara@baronhirsch.org. She will respond via email, text or phone call within a couple of hours. If urgent, please title email as such.


In addition, we are excited to add new ways for you to connect! Look for us on Facebook, @BHMikvah or search "Baron Hirsch Mikvah." There, you will find mikvah updates, the upcoming attendant schedule, and have an opportunity to learn from Atara!


The Mikvah is available for men’s use on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8AM until Noon.  Men will not be permitted to use the mikvah at any other time. Payment by men should be made to the shul office at time of immersion. Special hours will be posted prior to all Yomim Tovim.

The Baron Hirsch Keilim Mikvah can be accessed Mon – Thur from 8AM – 4PM;  Friday until 3, and Sunday mornings via appointment with the office.

Baron Hirsch Mikvah Committee 2020 

Lindi VanderWalde,  Co-Chair

Emily Lennon,  Co-Chair

Rivki Wiener, Treasurer

Chany Fleischhacker,  Lead Balanit

Orit Lehrfield

Tova Cooper

Rashki Kaplan

COVID 19 Information



Please note that during the COVID 19 pandemic the Mikvah is not open for usage by men.

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